Warranties and Guarantees

A short brief how to guide for you, to ensure that you get the best out of your vaping gear.


E-Liquid: Flavour

Vaporiser/Mod: Device with which you vaporize the E-Liquid

Tank: Glass or Pyrex Chamber that holds the E-Liquid

Coils: Small unit which fits on top of the battery and into the tank (responsible for turning the liquid into vapour)


General Usage

  • Use your Mod, Vaporiser with care, and first off READ THE MANUAL. We know it’s a mission but trust us, get to know your unit before you use it.
  • Keep your device upright as much as possible to prevent leaks.
  • Please be cautious with your vaporiser, as dropping your vaporiser can damage inner parts, as well as the tanks glassware, and inner pc boards.
  • All our products are original and come with a verification bar code that you may use to verify your product.

Vaporisers, Mods

  • Some vaporisers have pass through features that allow to vape while it is on charge, some vaporisers do not have this feature and will cause you batteries to drain a lot quicker and shorten their life span.
  • The vaporiser will be overused if you vape continuously and cause the coil to overheat, be kind to your vape.
  • Please note we require customers to buy the correct adapter plugs to charge their vaporisers as we have the correct adapters to suit the wattage and consumption needs of your vaporisers, please do not use any other adapters when charging. If you do not choose to buy our adapters, you can charge your vape with a Samsung and Blackberry charger or through your USB port on your pc.
  • Mods, Vaporisers and tanks, cannot fly, swim, bounce or fall from heights, they are sensitive and if they are forced to do any of these activities, we cannot be held liable for any damages or in-operation.


  • Coils are very important as they vaporise your liquid with power from the battery so you can taste your flavour, do not wet your coil with water when cleaning your vaporiser.
  • The coil needs to be primed when using it the first time, to prime the coil apply one or two drops of your liquid onto the cotton opening on your coil. Let this soak for a few minutes when you have filled up the tank as this gives the cotton filling inside the coil time to soak up all the liquid properly and this prevents dry burn.
  • If the coil tastes burnt, leaks excessively, or spits juice this indicates that the coil has been depleted.
  • Please check the OHM’s on the coil and wattage of the device and battery before use, as we cannot be liable for incorrect usage. (This is for your larger mod’s or when you are using a re-buildable).
  • Please note you cannot take coils from a different device and use in the one you have purchased. All coils are specifically made per device. i.e. Cannot use Joyetech coils in a Kangertech.
  • Coils will only be replaced by us should the coil not work within the first 24 hours of using the device 48 hours after purchase.

Filling and Liquids

  • Take note as to the MG (Nicotine strength) in the liquid. This will be very important when choosing flavours as Nicotine is naturally sweet, so the sweeter flavours will be a little sweeter.
  • PG/VG

      PG – Propylene Glycol and it provides you with the throat hit, like cigarettes, the warm fuzzy feeling at the back of your throat.

      VG – Vegetable Glycol is responsible for the amount of vapour or cloud produced. So higher VG ratio bigger cloud, High PG, stronger throat hit. Normally liquids have the ratio on the bottles i.e. 80%/20%VG/PG

  • It’s advisable to close the airflow when filling your tank if it is a top fill. This means that when you take off the top of your unit to fill with liquid, please ensure the airflow is closed (Airflow holes at the bottom). This prevents further leakage of your liquid and less waste. Once you have closed the top, the open the airflow as per your preference.
  • The coils retain the flavour of the previous liquid until you vape enough of your current one through.
  • Please note that some people may have an allergy to propylene glycol, this is very rare but does happen in some cases, if such an allergy is found you may want to switch to Vegetable Glycerin in their liquid choice, this will prevent any allergic reactions while vaping. PG sensitivity is followed by dry throat, sore throat, rash or skin irritations.

Batteries and Regulated mods

  • Marrying batteries, we cannot accept defective mods or batteries for return if the recommended and correctly married batteries are not used.
  • Please do not put your batteries into a normal energizer charger, if you do we are not liable for any damage or injury that may occur when using the batteries.
  • The batteries supplied with the unit are specifically for that unit and should not be placed in anything else. We are not liable in any way whatsoever for incorrect usage of the battery.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our warranty periods are as follows: 90 Days Return Policy On Selected Vaporisers, Mods and Tanks (Provided there is no physical damage) (Excluding Drip Tips) and No Warranty on liquids or Coils (See special conditions under coils).
  • Please note: Should you use your vaporiser incorrectly, or not as per the instruction manual that comes with the vaporiser, mod, tank, mix and match batteries or use cables not designed for the unit, we are not liable for any damage or injury that may arise.