Vaping FAQ

Vaping Explained

What is vaping?

The definition varies from site to site and from country to country but basically put its to inhale vapor from E-cigarettes/ Vaporizers which contain a liquid containing nicotine ( Or no nicotine if that is your preference ) PG, VG and Flavouring. It is an alternative to smoking as there is no smoke produced.

How do vaping devices work?

Most vaporisers  /e-cigarettes operate with the same principals. A battery powers a coil which in turn heats the liquid solution known as e-liquid/juice/liquid. This produces the vapor which is then inhaled.


Below is a typical tank for a 2nd generation and 3rd generation device. The atomizer tube holds the liquid, each tank varies in the amount it can hold. The EC Head in the diagram is the coil. There are different coils for each unit, and they come in different ohm sizes as well. Without a coil the device will not work. Coils need to be replaced between 3 to 6 weeks depending on how often you vape.



The batteries screw into the bottom of the tank and affix the coil and prevent the device from leaking. Some devices leak from the air holes, but generally only when placed on their side. Batteries come in different strengths and sizes as well. Some batteries are complete with the device and only the top of the device ( Top filling ) is removed.Most 3rd Generation devices utilise the 18650 battery and they also come in different capacities


All in one Battery – Battery is not removable.

Typical 3rd Generation Vaping Batteries 18650


Vape or Smoke whats the Hype about?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking. It has all the same fundamentals to smoking, without the vast number of dangerous chemicals in the smoke and also the smoke itself. Generally people who want to save money, health reason, convenience or even for those around them take up vaping, with the added bonus of having different flavours. In this way they are able to quit smoking completely and just vape.

Is it safe?

Vaping is safer than smoking in many aspects, even though it still has its own risks, you are not inhaling any of the multitude of dangerous chemicals in traditional cigarettes, also there is very little second hand smoke inhalation as well. There is alot of information on the debate between vaping and smoking and if you would like more information, we would be able to share with you all our research and studies. We ensure that we take into consideration your current smoking habits and provide the best information and product based on what you require.

Devices, Devices, Devices?

This is where we come in and we keep it simple. We believe 2nd generation device ( ego, Ijust S) is the best way to go to start. This device is simple to use and the best way to be smoke-free. Once you have done your own research and used different devices with friends or even us, then you are able to upgrade to 3rd generation devices.

Joyetech eGO AIO ( all in one) – 2nd Generation


PG vs VG..I’m not a scientist?

PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glyerine, or glycerol) are main components or ingredients in the liquid which creates the vapor.  Both PG and VG are used in a variety of other products for human consumption.

PG – Propylene Glycol and it provides you with the throat hit, like cigarettes, the warm fuzzy feeling at the back of your throat.

VG – Vegetable Glycol is responsible for the amount of vapour or cloud produced. So higher VG ratio bigger cloud, High PG, stronger throat hit. Normally liquids have the ratio on the bottles i.e. 80%/20%VG/PG

What liquids are available?

The amount of liquids available is quite substantial. There is no one liquid suited for everyone, our advice is to read the different flavour profiles and test a few until you find ones that you like. Also look at the different PG/VG ratio and the nicotine strength.


0mg – 3mg etc Whats the difference?

The mg refers to the strength the nicotine in the liquid. If you are a heavier smoker then you should start with a higher nicotine strength i.e. 6mg. But you might find that it is too strong and most vapors will then choose a lower strength. Bare in mind a higher strength means a more instense “throat hit”. Some devices produce more vapor per puff, so then you would choose a lower nicotine strength liquid the stronger your device is .

Is vaping more expensive?

Not necessarily, unless you only smoked 1 cigarette every week. It all depends on the cost of cigarettes and how frequently you smoke. Initially it will cost a bit to get the device and your first liquids, but once you have your initial setup, the costs can be controlled quite effectively.

The different devices?

Currently there is a large amount of devices on the market, in all different shapes and sizes. Most vapors choose devices on performance and looks, so its very difficult to provide general advice. If you choose a 3rd generation device, ensure you have matching batteries and spare batteries, same with the 2nd generation devices. Ensure you also have enough coils and liquids, as well as a way to carry them all.